As you can see I’m not longer using Hugo as CSM for my site. Now this page is powered by WordPress, also hosted in Europe with focus on data privacy.



Coders will be fine with Hugo. It is awesome. Hugo is highly customizable, fast and efficient. But in the long run I will have to learn to get used to wordpress. Many customer and friends want an easy way to use CMS for their websites. No code editing. I will learn a lot from hosting my own site via WordPress.

Goodbye Hugo.

I’ve maintained my Hugo setup by a private git repo in my personal Gitea instance (selfhosted). The deployment process where proceed by Drone CI, which detected new commits and build the whole repo in a docker instance and than publishing the builded files on a simple nginx web server.

I think this way was really cool. But I wont find the time to maintain all this stuff, to be up to date with the new Hugo versions and all new features. I have to adjust my templates and also to change some internal processing of images.

WordPress as CMS is also highly customizable. I can write and edit posts on my smartphone. Additionally I can write posts on the run and from everywhere I want to.