Welcome to my IT blog. 💻

This blog exists to help other people 🌍 and to document myself. You will find very specific as well as very general problems I had encountered over time 🕘 and my solutions.

latest posts

Setup a PowerWalker VI 1000 SCL UPS with nut in Debian 10 or Proxmox 7

Intro: We won’t call our infrastructure “safe” without running some 🔋's!

Tunneling your LAN into your private OpenVPN network

Intro: In this post I want to show you my OpenVPN LAN tunneling solution 📶.

My favorite Android apps

Intro: Here is a list of my favorite android apps in 2021 👏.

KVM and Vagrant for automated deployment

Intro: For my university degree 🎓 I have to code a plugable microservice for iRODS.