Installing artixlinux a systemd-free archlinux with encryption and UEFI

Intro: I wish you all a new and healthy year. This post is all about installing artix linux (a systemd-free alternative to archlinux) with UEFI and “full” disk encryption (LVM on LUKS). FDE - the term “full disk encryption” might be a off.. My setup exists out of two partitions boot and a LVM partition/physical volume (PV). The LVM partition contains two logical volumes (LV) root and swap where your user and system data will be saved are full encrypted.

Backup your Android Phone without ADB

Intro: I have been looking for a way to backup my android phone regularly and easily. For security reasons I dont want to enable android developer options like usb debugging. My backup strategy is to store the data locally on my hard drive and then pack and encrypt the files and uploading them into my cloud. Link to the awesome adbackup script by BojanStipic Example You have to create the same folder structure like your phone generates by connecting in MTP mode.

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